What is THE SEARCH (= LB)?

It is a cyber net interactive opera video game.
Being opera is theater sung and here are the players who act and contribute with part of the music and narrative in the virtual worlds of LB.
More information in :

               www.labusquedanetopera20.com pestañana: ABOUT



              Innovative aspects


Who can interact?

Anyone who wants it, there are no restrictions.

What is needed to participate?

One PC with internet access and audio equipment, (speaker - microphone) either built - in or external, it is also possible to use headphones with microphone.

How do you participate = how do you play?

                LB is an executable application. Each player builds a character (= avatar) and to control his avatar must do two simultaneous actions:

    Give the direction of your movement by pressing the "w, a, s, d" keys or the up, down, right, left keys.

    To give it the speed of movement the player must make any sound, which in turn is transmitted by network and is heard in real time by the rest of the players connected at that moment to that same scene. In this way everyone contributes to music. That I can call this music is part of my research thesis.

LB is based on a tale by Bertrand Russell "The Nightmare of Theologian" from which derives the common mission of all the players.

I hope you enjoy it, the work will remain online for at least 5 years.