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    See the introductory video of the work, which is activated when downloading the application, in order to understand the story that is told.

    Download and install the app and run it.

    Register with a username, which will also be your name as a character in this Net Opera, and a password.

    Once you have entered the work, construct a character following the instructions.

    In the process of registering and building your avatar, you will hear "Overture 2" of this "Opera 2.0", if it finishes before it finishes, keep in mind that this is an opera, enjoy the music and before proceeding , Pressing the "Start" virtual button, listen to it fully.

    You control the movement of your character by performing two simultaneous actions: The direction of movement is set using the up - down, left - right or the "w" keys to move forward; "S" to go back; "A" to go to the left; "D" to go to the right, if you want to raise, press "q" or "left shift" and if you want to lower presses "e" or the space bar. Point to where you want to move. Simultaneously to print the acceleration of the movement, you must emit some type of sound, whichever one you desire most. Cheer up, let go of your imagination. You are contributing to the construction of part of the music of the work, in turn you will receive in your speakers what other netizens produce.

    You can change the focus of the camera by continuously pressing the left mouse button and moving the cursor 360 °. Do it slowly. This can be useful for targeting other players or some NPC that appears on the scene but you do not see but hear. Be careful not to get dizzy.

    The play in turn has its own characters, they will ask you some things and they will answer your questions, but they will always sing, listen to the texts well to know what they are saying and act accordingly. When an NPC appears, listen carefully to what they sing, do not move your character, keep in mind that this work is an opera and has a dynamic other than a video game, enjoy the music and what the NPC perform.

    In the first scene you must introduce yourself. Use the keyboard and editable text box to answer any questions you may have. This scene only runs the first time you enter the play. You can go out and re-enter the play when you want and you will find your character in the place where he left it and in the state in which he left it. When the scene ends you will be redirected to the next scene automatically, you just have to wait for all the audios to finish. Between the 5th and 6th (the last audio) there is a pause because the system is loading it for execution.

    If in the universe or on the planet you approach a NPC whose cuerepos are cubes with strange faces, you will be transported to an individual scene with that character. In this scene, you will see below an editable text field that says: "ask a wise question", write in the same sale the question that you want to ask him and press the "submit" button, the sage will respond Singing You can ask as many questions as you can. Want. Interpret the texos imaginary. When you want, you can go back to the point where you previously were, by pressing the virtual button "End of the dialog".

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