Installation instructions:
1. You will download a compressed file ".rar", while downloading it, watch the video Overture 1 that will introduce you to the story that "The Search" narrates.
2. Unzip the file in the folder you want. The compressed file contains: a folder "xxxxxx data" and the executable "xxxxxx.exe" both must be in the same folder.
3. The executable starts running simply by double clicking on it. A shortcut can be made.
4. Before running "Search" check your sound settings: search for "sound", select "sound control panel" will open a window with 4 tabs. The first tab is "Playback" there you can check or reconfigure the sound volume of your system by clicking on its speaker system, then on properties. A new window will open, in the tab "levels" you can adjust the volume of your sound system.
The second is "Recording", there you can configure the sensitivity of your microphone. Select your microphone system that will appear in the list by clicking on it. Click on "properties" and a new window will open. In the "Levels" tab you can adjust the capture sensitivity of your microphone system, remember that your character takes its acceleration from this capture, if the sensitivity of the microphone is very low your character will move slowly, if it is very high it will move very Quickly overlooking some interactions of virtual worlds.
For systems that have separate speakers and microphones (all systems other than headphones) (there is an additional probe that is called a coupling and the microphone picks up the sound coming out of the speaker with feedback. Is a part of the sounds that you bring to "The Search" just make sure they do not invade it permanently and can not hear what the characters in the opera have to tell you. Corrects in several ways: relocating the speakers avoiding to point to the microphone and also re-adjusting the levels of recording and playback.