Argentine composer and electronic multimedia artist born on August 26, 1959. His professional training took place in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UNLP in the musical composition career and is currently mastering in the field of "Magister in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Art "UNTREF.

"The Search" is the work that is presented as a result of the research and final thesis in this mastership.

As general diector in "The Search" he developed:

  •   The idea behind the project.

  •      The theoretical research that supports it.

  •      He defined the aesthetic positioning of the work.

  •     Programmed in C # some of the behaviors of objects in virtual worlds.

  •      He composed the songs that the NPC sing.

  •      Designed the virtual worlds that currently make up the work.



Nicolás Christiansen was born in General Pico, La Pampa, Patagonia, Argentina September 10th 1984. At age of 10 he first started studying plastic arts, literature and body language in Viedma, Rio Negro, Argentina. During high school took acting classes and made circus workshops. At 18 years old he earned an scholarship to study medicine in Latin American School of Medicine in La Habana, Cuba, where he served as cultural manager for Argentinean delegation as Culture Secretary. He quit medicine to study filmmaking in Bueno Aires, Argentina, at CIEVYC, finishing 2013. On 2011 worked as photographer in Sao Paulo, Brazil for Nucleo Experimental Theater Company. Did Graphic journalism in Summer 2013, Cottbus, Germany for Am Sanstag news paper.
He played the role of "Galactic Porter" interpreting arias 1 to 6 of the scene "La Presentación". He is a student of lyrical singing at the Bahia Blanca Conservatory, Buenos Aires Argentina, counting teachers Edgardo Matoso, Alfredo Miranda and Luisa Reimers.